Here at North Chester Baptist are dedicated people who love the Lord, and serve Him here in their ministries with love, dedication and a servants heart.
     Below are photos of the our 4 staff; and below that are the names of the others who are dedicated in their volunteer ministries.

North Chester Baptist Staff and volunteer ministries

Randy Friedman, 
Senior Pastor
Betty Taylor, 
Office Manager

Finance Committee
Tom Reigner, Treasurer (Chair), Pat Fischer (Assistant); Frank Affannato (Financial Secretary), 
Jim DiOstilio (Assistant); Pastor Randy

 John Taylor, (Chair) Tom Reeder, Frank Affannato, Jim DiOstilio, Jay Wonderly

Ladies Ministry (Chair)
Kathy Wood

 Dex Quesenberry, Herb Wolske,  Larry Wood,  Frank Ferguson

 House Committee  
 Tom Reigner, (Chair) Pat Fischer, John Taylor. Martha Wood, Larry Wood, Pastor Randy.

Pastor Randy;  Bob Rennix; Pastor Russ 

Larry Wood,
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Russ Loomis,
Associate Pastor